‘UFC Tonight’ Previews Mayweather vs. McGregor: “I Can’t Believe This Fight is Going to Happen”

Fight Network Staff / August 25, 2017 - 11:34am

Los Angeles – MAYWEATHER VS. MCGREGOR: TWO DAYS OUT was hosted by Karyn Bryant, with analysts Kenny Florian, Daniel Jacobs and Tyron Woodley. Megan Olivi and Heidi Androl added reports. The crew previewed Mayweather vs. McGregor and interviewed Floyd Mayweather before his fight with Conor McGregor. They also caught up with Daniel Cormier to get his thoughts on the Jon Jones situation, plus more.

Kenny Florian on his excitement for Mayweather vs. McGregor: “I feel like we’ve been waiting for this forever. I can’t believe this fight is going to happen. We have the two unicorns of these sports. This is the biggest fight in combat sports history.”

Daniel Jacobs on his opinion of the fight: “This kills the idea that boxing is dead. I think this is going to be a magnificent fight. I think it’s going to be classic.”

Florian on Floyd Mayweather’s strengths: “He has perfect boxing fundamentals. And with them, he can break the rules. He uses the Philly shell, he’ll lead you in and get you with the pull counter. He’s well known for his defense and I’d say he’s one of the top three in the world. He can counterpunch with anyone. He’s in the perfect place all time.”

Jacobs on what makes Mayweather so good: “His patience and his ability to adapt and read fighters and know what he can do in a fight. If McGregor comes out awkward, he knows what he’s going to do. Floyd’s the king of adapting.”

Florian on Conor McGregor’s strengths: “He has a devastating left hand. He has the longer reach than Floyd, and he’s dangerous at range. He also has a great pull counter. He’s the bigger guy and he believes he can beat Mayweather. That’s very powerful.”

Tyron Woodley on what McGregor does well in a fight: “Hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see. It’s the eyes that see the shots. He sees the target and attacks it. That puts you at the most elite level of fighting.”

Florian on the weight difference between Mayweather and McGregor: “I think Conor will be 17 or 20 pounds heavier than Floyd. He used to cut to 145 pounds and it was a brutal cut. This is to 154, which is more comfortable. He’s going to make weight and perform at a high level.”

Woodley on the weight difference not being a factor: “If they were grappling, clinching or trying to push someone off you, the weight might be a factor. But I don’t think it’ll matter that much. If you’re swinging and missing, that weight won’t help Conor at all.”

Jacobs on the weight and reach advantage that McGregor will have: “Being bigger can help tremendously. Being bigger, you can take more shots. And being the longer fighter, if he exchanges with Floyd at the same time, McGregor’s punch might get there faster.”

Woodley on McGregor’s length advantage: “You have to land the punches to make them matter. If anyone can, it’s Conor. When he throws the left hand, he turns his body over, he pivots and throws it out. Conor is one of the longest left hand punchers.”

Jacobs on the difference in glove size: “Those two ounces are a big deal. This is a drastic difference. The fact that Floyd wanted these, it means he’s coming for damage and pain. It was a better risk for him.”

Florian on Mayweather wanting the 8oz gloves: “I think Floyd wants to take the fight to the later rounds and with the accumulation of blows, he can get the stoppage. For Mayweather, having the smaller gloves helps him. He’s fought 46 of his fights in 8 ounce gloves. I think this is better for him.”

Florian on Mayweather’s keys to victory: “For Floyd, he can fight you in a variety of ways – close, at range, and he’ll trap you and make you pay. He’s got to be patient. He reads you like computer and then throws aggressive counter shots. That shuts down an aggressive offence.”

Woodley on McGregor’s keys to winning the fight: “Conor has the ability to relax and explode in a fight. He gives the illusion he’s resting, then he strikes. Key one, he needs to be unorthodox. Don’t come at this fight like a boxer. Floyd will be ready for that. Key two: make it a fight. Stay in the phone booth, explode, make it ugly and messy, and maybe foul him a couple times.”

Jacobs on what he thinks Mayweather needs to do: “Floyd is one of the greatest boxers of this generation. He has the ability to adapt in the fight and his patience allows that. With Conor being newbie, not understanding what’s going on in the ring, it might be tough for him to figure it out.”

Florian’s prediction for the fight: “If there’s one guy who can do it, it’s Conor McGregor, with all his self-belief and being the larger guy. But I can’t go against the guy who’s 49-0, He’s faced so many guys and has so much experience. I’d love to see Conor do the impossible, but I think Floyd wins by decision.”

Jacobs predicts a Mayweather victory: “You have to be real. He’s dominated this sport for so long. Floyd will win.”

Woodley picks Mayweather: “As the betting man, I’m going with Conor. But the mind is going with Mayweather. The guy has been too invincible.”

Mayweather on what he’ll do with all the money he makes: “I’ll just be making smart investments like I always do through my career.”

Mayweather on what he expects to see McGregor do in the fight: “I don’t know. I’ve never faced a guy like Conor McGregor, so we’ll see on Saturday night what he brings to the table.”

Mayweather on what this fight will do for boxing: “Boxing is legendary. Boxing has been around many, many, years and is here to stay. I want to be the best I can be and show boxing at the pinnacle.”

Mayweather on breaking Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record: “It’d be great. Rocky Marciano is a legend. He’s one of the guys who paved the way for me and where I’m at. Records are made to be broken.”

Mayweather on if there’s more pressure on him to win: “There’s no pressure on me. One thing I can do is fight. In 21 years, I’ve been hit by the best. Conor has been talking about what he’s going to do. But you have to be able to take it. He want to shoot, but I’m going to be shoot it out also.”

Mayweather on if he hasn’t been training as much as he usually does: “I’ve been letting the body rest more. In the past, it’s been train, train, train. I never let the body rejuvenate.”

Mayweather on if this will be his last fight: “This is my last fight. No more fights. I’m thinking about my career: with the Pacquiao fight, this fight and the Canelo fight, I’m made 700 million.”

VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather talks about his upcoming fight with Conor McGregor

Cormier on what his first reaction: “I was in the van in Hawaii heading to the hotel. The reaction was disbelief. It’s crazy. You don’t expect to get that call any time, much less when I’m on my vacation with the family.”

Cormier on if hearing the news made the loss more difficult: “Very difficult, you just want to have everything right. I know when I walked away from the fight, he was better, he had beat me again, and you’re going through the process with dealing with that loss. Then it was thrown back in my face. I had just gotten back to work and when you’re coming out the other side, it gets thrown back in your face.”

Cormier on his comments at press conferences that Jones was taking something earlier in his career: “A lot of things are said before the fight, due to emotions and conversations you have. But I’ve got to be careful, this guy is entitled to due process. We can’t say he’s guilty before he’s gone through the process.”

Cormier on if he still believes Jones has been trying to change his ways: “That hasn’t changed. I think he was trying to do the right thing, especially after the fight. But this was really bad. You don’t have that type of oversight. Especially with our first fight. This sucks we’re going through this over and over again.”

VIDEO: Daniel Cormier talks about Jon Jones’ recent failed drug test

Florian on Jones’ situation: “This is tough. He had an amazing opportunity at redemption. He could have said I’m back, I’m a clean fighter and I’m a new man, I’m the champ again. But now all that is thrown away. What do you do? This isn’t the first time. This is the second time. I was cheering for Jones. This is unfortunate news.”