GFW IMPACT Report for Aug. 17 – Destination X Recap

Sam Pierce / August 18, 2017 - 11:30am

GFW Destination X opens with Lashley, accompanied by American Top Team, arriving to the arena. He will face Matt Sydal in a Shot vs. Shot match tonight!

McKenzie Mitchell knocks on Bruce Prichard’s door backstage but it’s not Bruce Prichard whose inside – all will be revealed later tonight!

GFW Knockout’s Champion Sienna w/ KM vs. Gail Kim – GFW Knockout’s Championship Match

Gail Kim is in control early, causing Sienna to retreat to the outside. Gail hits Sienna with a 619 but Sienna comes right back and slams Gail on the steel steps!

Sienna hits the Fallaway Slam for a near fall. Sienna attempts a Superplex but Gail counters into a sunset flip powerbomb!

Gail connects with a crossbody from the top rope for a near fall. Gail charges at Sienna in the corner but Sienna reverses into a chokehold.

Gail hits Eat Defeat but KM distracts the referee! Gail knocks him off the apron but then, Taryn Terrell returns and attacks Gail! Sienna follows up with the AK-47 to win and retain the GFW Knockout’s Championship.

The mystery man who was in Bruce Prichard’s office is on his way to the ring!

Backstage, Matt Sydal tells us he will make us remember his name when he faces Lashley tonight.

Bruce Prichard is in the ring and announces that since Alberto El Patron is no longer the GFW World Champion, it will be returned to its former owner, Lashley. His music hits but instead of Lashley, Jim Cornette comes out!

Jim informs Bruce that he’s the new boss and fires him on the spot! Jim says it’s a new day in GFW and everyone on the roster will have to prove themselves.

Jim announces a 20 man gauntlet to determine the new GFW World Champion next week! LAX interrupts and Konnan tells Jim that Low-Ki shouldn’t have to go through the gauntlet since he was already the number one contender.

Jim informs him that Low-Ki will be in the gauntlet but he’ll enter last at number 20. Konnan threatens Jim not to get in their way.

Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier – Super X Cup Finals

Xavier hits a running cutter, followed by strikes in the corner and a standing corkscrew for a near fall!

Ishimori connects with his signature double knees into the gut of Xavier, followed by a 450 splash for another near fall!

The action is fast and furious in the culmination of what has been a great tournament so far.

Xavier connects with a handspring Enzuigiri to win the match and the 2017 Super X Cup Tournament!

After the match, Jeremy Borash presents Dezmond Xavier with the Super X Cup Trophy. He puts the X-Division on notice and says he’s coming for the title!

As he’s getting escorted out of the building, Bruce Prichard gets into a heated argument with Karen Jarrett.

Backstage, Joseph Park apologizes to Grado – next week will be his last night in GFW before being deported.

GFW X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee – Ladder Match for the GFW X-Division Championship

Dutt takes a soft drink from a fan at ringside and spits it in the face of Lee!

Dutt connects with an impressive Hurricanrana.

A ladder is wedged between the bottom rope and the ring, allowing Sonjay to dropkick it right into Lee’s face! Dutt follows up with a Moonsault from the top rope to the outside.

Lee hits a devastating X-Plex into a ladder in the corner.

Lee hits his signature running double knees. Lee sets up a table in the corner and attempts to suplex Dutt through it. Dutt counters and hits Lee with a tornado DDT.

Dutt places Lee on a ladder and hits him with a splash from the top rope into the steel.

Dutt is climbing the ladder when Caleb Konley appears and powerbombs Dutt through a table! But then, Petey Williams makes his return and evens the odds by hitting Konley with the Canadian Destroyer!

Dutt and Lee both climb the ladder – Dutt sends Lee crashing into another ladder below and grabs the belt to win!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Lashley ahead of his Shot vs. Shot match against Matt Sydal tonight.

Ohio Versus Everything Debut

It’s time for the debut of GFW’s newest tag team, OVE!

They make quick work of two local competitors with a flurry of moves, including a mid-air superkick!

Moose, EC3, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis approach Jim Cornette – they all want in the world title gauntlet next week! Cornette grants them their wish but makes Eli Drake entry number one!

“Walking Armageddon” Lashley vs. Matt Sydal – Shot vs. Shot Match

The winner of this match will get a title shot of their choice!

Lashley’s training partners at American Top Team are at ringside for the match.

Lashley hits a running crossbody block. Lashley attempts a powerbomb but Sydal reverses into a Hurricanrana, followed by a standing Moonsault.

Lashley spears Sydal into the corner and begins to wear him down.

Lashley connects with a big standing vertical suplex. Sydal regains momentum with a spin kick, followed by a DDT for a near fall.

Sydal hits Lashley with flying double knees from the top rope!

Lashley connects with a running powerslam and goes to the outside to grab a steel chair. The referee tries to take it away from him, allowing Sydal to kick the chair into Lashley’s face! Sydal goes for the Shooting Star Press but Lashley gets his knees up! Lashley attempts the Spear but Sydal rolls him up to win!

After the match, a member of American Top Team attacks referee Brian Hebner at ringside!

Destination X goes off the air with a very special promo video – Johnny Impact is coming to GFW!