IMPACT Report for Aug. 3 – Newest Member of LAX Revealed

Sam Pierce / August 3, 2017 - 10:15pm

At the LAX hideout, Konnan promises the newest member of LAX will be revealed tonight when the El Patron family takes on LAX in the main event!

Dezmond Xavier vs. Drago – Super X Cup Semi-Final Match

The winner of this match will advance to the finals at Destination X on August 17th!

Xavier hits a Hurricanrana for a near fall.

Drago kicks Xavier to the outside and follows up with a suicide dive.

Xavier connects with a series of strikes, followed by a cutter!

Xavier launches himself over the top rope to take out Drago on the outside.

Drago hits a hangman’s DDT but Xavier is able to kick out! Xavier hits the X19, followed by the Final Flash to win and advance to the finals!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews EC3 ahead of his Grand Championship match tonight against Moose. EC3 says he’s not going to let the match go to the judges, he’s going to finish it in two rounds max!

“Walking Armageddon” Lashley takes on Matt Sydal in a Shot vs. Shot Match at Destination X on August 17th!

McKenzie Mitchell is with the El Patron family backstage. Alberto questions whether or not he can trust them tonight – is a member of El Patron’s family going to join LAX? Karen Jarrett and Bruce Prichard try to calm down the situation before Bruce tells her he needs to speak alone.

Trevor Lee vs. Mumbai Cat #1

Lee still has Sonjay Dutt’s X-Division title belt around his waist.

While Lee is taunting the crowd, Mumbai Cat #1 switches places with Mumbai Cat #2. He hits Lee with a splash from the top rope to win!

After the match, Mumbai Cat #2 takes off his mask and it’s revealed to be Sonjay Dutt! Bruce Prichard tells him he has to leave but before he does, he challenges Trevor Lee to a ladder match for the X-Division championship at Destination X!

Lashley’s training partners at American Top Team debate whether or not he should focus on MMA or pro wrestling.

Backstage, Joseph Park tells Grado to focus on his match tonight and not worry about the deportation situation.

Eli Drake is in the ring for his match with Eddie Edwards but when Edwards’ music hits, he’s no where to be found! We cut to backstage where Kongo Kong has brutally attacked Eddie Edwards! His rampage continues on Richard Justice – Kong is furious that Grado is trying to win the affection of Laurel Van Ness!

IMPACT Grand Champion Moose vs. EC3 – IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore are your judges.

EC3 sends Moose into the steel steps to gain the advantage and dominate the second half of round one. Two judges score it 10-9 for EC3, one judges score it 10-9 for Moose. EC3 wins round one by split decision.

Moose misses a clothesline and gets caught with a suplex, followed by a splash in the corner from EC3. The disrespect continues as EC3 slaps Moose in the face but it all that does is light a fire under him!Moose hits the hesitation dropkick to finish the second round on top. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose, one judge scores it 10-9 for EC3. Moose wins round two by split decision.

We are going to the third and final round! Moose hits a powerbomb, followed by a senton for a near fall. Moose connects with Go to Hell but EC3 kicks out yet again! EC3 counters a chokeslam attempt into the One Percenter but this time, Moose gets his shoulder up! Moose hits the sit-down chokeslam as round three comes to an end. Two judges score it a 10-10 tie but Bruce Prichard scores it 10-8 for EC3, your winner and new IMPACT Grand Champion is EC3!

The self proclaimed best tag team in the world, OVE make their debut at Destination X on August 17th!

KM, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara vs. Suicide, Grado & Braxton Sutter w/ Allie – Six Man Tag Team Match

After hitting in-sync dropkicks, Grado and his team celebrate but that gives their opponents time to recover!

Sutter launches himself over the top rope into the opposing team on the outside! Then, Suicide follows up with his signature Suicide Plunge from the top rope! Grado tries his hand at going to the top but gets cut off by Bokara.

KM gets tripped up and Grado rolls him up to win!

After the match, Grado calls out Laurel Van Ness who is accompanied by Joseph Park to the ring. Grado tries to propose to her but Kongo Kong puts a stop to it once again! Allie wants to help but Braxton Sutter instructs her to go to the back with him.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews LAX before their big match against the El Patron family. Konnan reminds Alberto El Patron that he can’t trust his own family…

It’s time for the main event when the new IMPACT Grand Champion, EC3 interrupts. He stands atop the announce desk and celebrates with his newly won gold.

LAX (Homicide & Unified Tag Team Champions Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan & Diamante vs. Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras – Six Man Tag Team Match

LAX dominates Alberto El Patron on their side of the ring, preventing him from making the tag.

Ortiz is perched on the top rope but Alberto knocks him off and tags in El Hijo de Dos Caras who goes on the attack!

Ortiz hits El Hijo de Dos Caras with a big superplex from the top rope to regain the advantage for LAX.

LAX uses the same strategy on El Hijo de Dos Caras, wearing him down on their side of the ring. But then, El Hijo de Dos Caras gets a burst of energy and is able to tag Alberto back in the match!

Alberto hits Santana with a backstabber for a near fall.

El Hijo de Dos Caras misses an over-the-top-rope crossbody attempt. In the ring, Alberto hits Santana with the double foot stomp form the top rope.

Referee Brian Hebner gets taken out amidst the chaos – El Hijo de Dos Caras grabs a steel chair and proves his trust when he attacks LAX with it!

Then, out of nowhere, Low-Ki appears and hits Alberto with Warrior’s Way, allowing Santana to pin him for the win! Low-Ki is the newest member of LAX!

Next week, the road to Destination X continues as ACH takes on Taiji Ishimori in the second semi-final matchup of the Super X Cup Tournament and so much more. Don’t miss it!