Impact in 60 Report for May 11 – Magnus vs. Albert El Patron for GFW Heavyweight Championship

Sam Pierce / May 11, 2017 - 10:45pm

Did you catch an exciting new edition of Impact Wrestling this past Thursday? See all the results below!

“Reborn” Matt Sydal vs. Andrew Everett vs. Caleb Conley vs. Dezmond Xavier – 4 Way X-Division Match

Everett connects with an Enzuigiri kick to the back of Xavier’s head.

Conley hits Everett with a big Moonsault!

Sydal and Xavier exchange kicks in the middle of the ring. Everett takes them both out with a springboard dropkick.

Everett launches himself over the top rope to take out Sydal and Conley on the outside. Xavier follows up with an aerial assault of his own!

Sydal hits Everett with double knees from the top rope for a near fall.

Xavier connects with a Frog splash on Conley for yet another near fall. Everett hits the Frankendriver on Xavier to pick up the win.

Jeremy Borash is back in the crowd this week as he joins the fans in instigating Josh Mathews.

KM steals someone’s pizza order and then refuses to pay the delivery driver!

EC3 is in the ring, dressed like a cowboy. He mocks James Storm until the true Cowboy makes an appearance! Storm attacks EC3 from behind but EC3 gets the upper-hand. EC3 handcuffs Storm to the ropes and whips him repeatedly with his belt! Security comes down to break it up but EC3 continues the assault on a member of the production staff. Management finally puts a stop to the madness.

Hakim Zane & Idris Abraham vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr

This match is just a preview of what we will see in the upcoming GFW Tag Team Championship tournament!

Garza and Laredo connect with a double team electric chair dropkick on Zane!

While Garza is playing to the crowd, Zane takes advantage with a big running knee.

Garza powerbombs Abraham onto the back of Zane! Laredo hits Zane with the 450 Splash to win.

Ava Storie vs. Laurel Van Ness w/ Kongo Kong

Storie tries to end things early with a rollup but that only angers Laurel. Laurel hits the foot stomp to pick up the victory.

After the match, Laurel continues the assault but referee Earl Hebner stops her. Kongo Kong enters the ring and Earl retreats.

Rockstar Spud is still recovering from the brutal attack at the hands of Swoggle. He continues to ask the question “why?”

LAX holds a funeral for the former IMPACT! Wrestling tag team champions, Decay. It begins in a respectful manner but that quickly changes when Konnan demands that Decay’s ashes be poured on the ground! Konnan declares that LAX will also be entering the GFW Tag Team Championship tournament to gain even more gold. Konnan spots a fan waving an American flag and instructs him to sit down or else. The Veterans of War come to the fan’s aid and clear the ring of LAX!

Moose (c) vs. Marshe Rockett – IMPACT! Grand Championship

Towards the end of round one, Rockett chooses to recover on the outside, instead of confronting Moose in the middle of the ring. All three judges score it 10-9 for Moose as he wins round one by unanimous decision.

Moose hits a huge Chokeslam to win by pinfall in the second round!

After the match, Tyrus distracts Moose from the ramp, allowing Eli Drake to attack him from behind! Chris Adonis comes to the ring and joins them in a 3 on 1 assault on the IMPACT! Grand Champion.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Dutch Mantell. He announces that Ultimate X will return next week as Low Ki defends the X-Division championship in the high-wire spectacle!

Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards vs. Alisha w/ Eddie Edwards

Alisha charges at Angelina to get the match started! Angelina catches her with a clothesline to gain control.

Alisha connects with a Future Shock DDT. Davey gets up on the apron but Alisha knocks him right back down!

Angelina takes advantage of the distraction and cracks Alisha with a steel chain, causing the disqualification. Eddie gets in the ring to protect Alisha but is met with a slap from Angelina! Davey attacks Eddie’s injured knee with his own crutch as referees break things up.

Magnus (c) vs. Alberto El Patron – GFW Heavyweight Championship

Magnus and El Patron exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Patron gains the advantage with a flurry of clotheslines, followed by a step-up Enzuigiri in the corner.

Magnus avoids El Patron’s signature kick and follows up with the elbow drop for a near fall.

The fight spills to the outside as Magnus hits El Patron with a back suplex on the ramp!

El Patron connects with the Backcracker and locks in the Cross Armbreaker! Magnus successfully gets to the ropes, forcing the break.

El Patron jumps off the top but Magnus catches with an uppercut in mid-air! Magnus locks in the Cloverleaf. El Patron finally makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold.

El Patron hits the big kick but Magnus kicks out!

Magnus avoids the double foot stomp in the corner and connects with a powerbomb on El Patron.

El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker out of nowhere and Magnus taps out! Alberto El Patron is the new GFW Heavyweight Champion! Is he next in line for a shot at Lashley’s IMPACT! Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship? Only time will tell.