Biggest Arm Wrestling Event in History Saturday in Las Vegas

Fight Network Staff / October 22, 2015 - 2:00pm



The biggest arm wrestling event in history – this weekend on Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

This weekend in Las Vegas, World Armwrestling Championship and PAL USA organize the next tournament of the legendary series «Vendetta in Vegas» in the heart of Las Vegas – on Fremont Street.

Twelve Top athletes from three continents – North America, South America and Europe – will meet in six 6-round armfights.

The tournament will be broadcast by CBS Sports Network.

The venue was not chosen by chance. Fremont Street is a place that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people a day. The agreement between the administration of Fremont Street and WAC to hold a tournament is a huge step forward for the development and promotion of armwrestling in the United States and around the world. For the first time armwrestling tournament will be watched live by more than 25,000 people. This event may become a record in the history of armwrestling in the United States.

Six bouts of «Vendetta in Vegas – Armfight 44» will be highlighted by 3 programs at CBS SN. Also armfights will be broadcast live to the rest of the world on the Internet.

Now more on matches themselves.

The first match will be the fight of «Vendetta in Vegas» debutants. World Vice-Champion from Poland Dawid Bartosiewicz will meet with Brazil’s strongest athlete in the weight class up to 78 kg Eduardo Tiete. Armfight promises to be an exciting and unpredictable. The result of the struggle between two «hook»-style wrestlers will remain a mystery until the last moment.

The second match will also be the «Vendetta in Vegas» debut for both competitors. Herman Stevens – a rising Star of the American armwrestling will compete with Allen Ford, an experienced armwrestler from Canada. The opponents have already pulled during one of the tournaments in the United States in June this year. Then Allen Ford won on the results of the three rounds, but the game is remembered by many because of tense and exciting struggle. Today Herman Stevens feels much stronger and confident that he can easily win.

In the third match, the two ambitious athletes, for whom there is no word «defeat», will meet. They are: Vazgen Soghoyan, a multiple World and US Champion, and Corey Miller, one of the strongest U.S. fighters. Despite the fact that Corey Miller does not have any World titles yet, for Vazgen, by his own words, this fight is very important. According to most armwrestling fans, it will be the most anticipated fight at lightweight class.

In the fourth match Jan Zolcinski, Poland, who won last Vendetta on the right hand from Harold Owens, was going to pull left hand with Chris Chandler, USA. Chris Chandler really wanted to take part in this tournament, but, unfortunately, the busy schedule of studying at the Police Academy did not give him this chance. We wish Chris the success in studies and expect to see him on the next Vendetta in January. However, the absence of Chris does not make life easier for Jan Zolcinski as Igor Mazurenko found him no less formidable opponent. Jan’s opponent on the left hand will be Mike Gould, a Canadian athlete, winner of many prestigious tournaments.

In the fifth match on the right hand Sergey Tokarev and Michael Todd were to meet. It so happened that Michael Todd will not be able to perform on October 24, but we hope to see him at the World Professional Cup 2015 in Rumia, Poland. Instead of Michael, Sergei Tokarev will pull with the legendary american armwrestler Richard Lupkes. After losing Andrey Pushkar at Vendetta – Armfight 43, some began to write Richard off from the accounts. However, in revenge for the defeat to Pushkar, Richard threatens to attack his new opponent fiercely.

As it was announced earlier, the match Tim Bresnan – Alexey Voevoda has been transferred to the month of January. Tournament’s organizer Igor Mazurenko confirms that we will see a real return of the Armwrestling Legend Alexey Voevoda. At the October armfight, the Tim Bresnan’s opponent on the the right hand will be Krasimir Kostadinov, European and World Champion, who has already met with Tim at the Nemiroff Professional World Cup and wanted to prove that he is the best in 6-round match. This armfight will be the sixth and final match of «Vendetta in Vegas – Armfight 44».

We are waiting for all Armwrestling fans at this historic sporting event.
«Vendetta in Vegas – Armfight 44» will be held on October 24, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fremont Street.

Event start: 17.00

Free admission.