Karate Proposed by Tokyo for 2020 Olympic Games

Fight Network Staff / September 28, 2015 - 1:26pm



The WKF would like to thank the IOC and the TOCOG for their proposal to include our sport of Karate as an additional sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Programme.

This new opportunity that arises, which we hope will be a final one, as well as the dream of millions of karatekas worldwide, will nourish once again the work and efforts that have been made for many years from the WKF and its 190 member National Federations. This work shows that Karate is a universal, young and dynamic sport with incontestable media interest, as demonstrated through the great request and broad TV coverage of TV channels at our World Championships.

We trust that the IOC Session of August 2016 will ratify this proposal and that precisely Tokyo, the capital of the country of birth of Karate, will be the entrance door of our sport to an Olympic Games.