Eliminations Finished Friday at World Karate Championships

Fight Network Staff / November 8, 2014 - 8:43pm

Eliminations finished on Friday evening and the name of all finalists of the 22nd World Senior Karate Championships is disclosed. The championships take place in Bremen since Wednesday 5th and will last until Sunday 9th.

Friday’s competition was dedicated to Eliminations for Team Kumite categories. Results confirmed the domination of Japan, France & Egypt.

In male kumite category, the Host Germany qualified for the final as well as Iran. France and Egypt qualified for their two teams for the final in Female kumite.

In total, Japan, Egypt and France qualified 5 athletes for the finals, followed by Germany (4), Iran (3), Italy and Turkey (2), Malaysia, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Netherlands and Georgia (1).

Today, competition will reach a new dimension with the first fights for medals. All World Champions in individual kumite categories will be known at the end of today.

Finals sessions of today will be produced and broadcast live. A total of 7 cameras will film the central tatami to provide high quality TV images with satellite distribution on EUROVISION, the official WKF YouTube Channel, as well as to the growing number of TV partners all around the world. Thus, all karate fans will be able to see the finals of the 22nd World Championships, either on TV in 120 countries or on YouTube in the rest of countries (depending on the country).

Programme of Saturday 8th November 2014

Bronze medals starting at 10:00

Female kumite -50 Kg Male kumite -60 Kg Female kumite -55 Kg Male kumite -67 Kg Female kumite -61 Kg

Finals starting at 12:00

Female kumite -50 Kg
Male kumite -60 Kg
Female kumite -55 Kg
Male kumite -67 Kg
Female kumite -61 Kg
Finals and medal ceremony of People with Learning Disabilities (male and female)

Bronze medals starting at 15:00

Male kumite -75 Kg Female kumite -68 Kg Male kumite -84 Kg Female kumite +68 Kg Male kumite +84 Kg

Finals starting at 17:00

Male kumite -75 Kg Female kumite -68 Kg Male kumite -84 Kg Female kumite +68 Kg Male kumite +84 Kg

List of all Finalists:
Female Kata: Sandy SCORDO (France) vs Kiyou SHIMIZU (Japan)
Male Kata: Ryo KIYUNA (Japan) v Ilja SMORGUNER (Germany)
Female Kumite -50Kg: Serap OZCELIK (Turkey) vs Duygu BUGUR (Germany)
Female Kumite -55Kg: Emily THOUY (France) vs Sara CARDIN (Italy)
Female Kumite -61Kg: Syakilla Salni JEFRY KRISHNAN (Malaysia) vs Giana LOFTY (Egypt) Female Kumite -68Kg: Alizée AGIER (France) vs Gitte BRUNSTAD (Norway)
Female Kumite +68Kg: Shymaa ABOUEL YAZED (Egypt) vs Hamideh ABBASALI (Iran) Male Kumite -60Kg: Douglas BROSE (Brazil) vs Geoffrey BERENS (Netherlands)
Male Kumite -67Kg: William ROLLE (France) vs Magdy HANAFY (Egypt)
Male Kumite -75Kg: Ryuchi TANI (Japan) vs Luigi BUSA (Italy)
Male Kumite -84Kg: Ryutaro ARAGA (Japan) vs Gogita ARKANIA (Georgia)
Male Kumite +84Kg: Sajad GANJZADEH (Iran) vs Enes ERKAN (Turkey)
Female Team Kata : JAPAN vs GERMANY
Male Team Kata: SPAIN vs EGYPT
Female Team Kumite: EGYPT vs FRANCE
Male Team Kumite: GERMANY vs IRAN

Live results and further detailed information can be found on the dedicated section of the World Senior Championships on the WKF website: http://www.wkf.net/world- championships-main/senior/ or on the official website of the event: http://www.karate2014.de

You can also follow the competition on our official social media accounts: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wkfofficial
Twitter: @wkf_tweet

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