Malaga Success for 2014 World Kata Championships

Fight Network Staff / September 21, 2014 - 8:25pm

The 2014 World Kata Championships came to a close at the Sport Palace Malaga in Spain on Sunday as Japan showed their prominence at the annual competition which is expanding every year.

Kata specialists Japan dominated the two-day competition, which is now in its sixth year, with four titles but a host of countries were chasing them down as only four points separated first place from third place in Juno Kata and eight points were the difference in Nage no kata between the same positions.

Seven countries won medals while 11 countries participated in the final phases where the rankings and medals were decided.

Jean-Luc ROUGE, IJF General Secretary, said: “The standard is getting higher since the World Cup which was organised in Paris in 2006. We should now move to a higher step with more media coverage and the use of informational tools to circulate the results.”

Mohamed MERIDJA, IJF Education and Coaching Director, said: “The kata practice is an excellent exercise which helps to improve the technique and develop the moral and physical qualities, this should apply to all the different age categories.”

Franco CAPELLETTI, IJF Hall of Famer, said: “I am very satisfied by the level, the participation and the organisation. Each year the competition is improving and our collaboration with the Kodokan is excellent. I would really like to thank the Royal Spanish Federation and its President Juan CARLOS BARCOS for hosting us in the best conditions.”

And the last words were from Juan CARLOS BARCOS, President of the Royal Spanish Federation and IJF Head Referee Director, who said: “For the Spanish Judo Federation it is a great honour that the IJF gave us the opportunity to organise the World Kata Championships. In Spain there is a great tradition of Kata, and many judoka practice kata; we will continue our “week of judo in Malaga” in this magnificent Sports Palace with a Kata training camp on Monday and Tuesday and then the Veteran World Championships take place from Thursday to Sunday. The world judo stage is set at Spanish time!”


An hugely significant surprise took place in the Juno Kata as the title was won by the German team who become the first European nation to win gold at the Kata World Championships. The mixed German team of Wolfgang DAX-ROMSWINKEL and Ulla LOOSEN put an end to the Japanese domination with the podium completed by the Romanian couple of Alina ZAHARIAS and Alina CHERUS.

1 – Wolfgang  DAX-ROMSWINKEL  – Ulla LOOSEN – GER – 444 pts.
2 – Etsuko YOKOYAMA – Chigusa OMORI – JPN – 442 pts.
3 – Alina ZAHARIA  – Alina CHERU –  ROU – 440 pts.
4 – Emmanuel WIRTZ – Armelle VOINDROT – FRA – 427 pts.
5 – Manuel GARCIA – Vicente PICAZO – ESP – 426 pts.
6 – Pitima THAWEERATTANASINP – Chuthathip BAMPENBOON – THA – 421 pts.

There were no such shocks in the Katame No Kata field as the Japanese pairing of NAKAYAMA and HAYASHI kept their title with Italy in second place and Iran third.

1 – Satoshi NAKAYAMA- Seiji HAYASHI – JPN – 466 pts.
2 – Andrea FREGNAN – Stefano MOREGOLA – ITA – 430 pts.
3 – Mojtaba BAJELAN – Seyed Reza ROUHANI ESFAHANI – IRI – 428 pts.
4 – Stefano PROIETTI- Alessandro VARAZI – ITA – 427 pts.
5 – Juan GOICOECHANDIA –Roberto  P-VILLAR – ESP – 410 pts.
6 – Heo JAEYOUNG- Seo MYUNGGEUN – KOR – 407 pts.

Japan were on top as they claimed the title with the Romanian duo taking second place and South Korea, who were the defending champions, finished third.

1 – Michito SAKAMOTO – Takayuki YOKOYAMA – JPN – 447 pts.
2 – Julian SURLA – Aurelian Ciprian FLEISZ – ROU – 440 pts
3 – Sunhyung LEE – Minho JO – KOR – 439 pts.
4 – Jean Philippe GILON – Nicolas GILON – BEL – 431 pts.
5 – Mohammadjavad BESHARATINIA- Moshen GHASEMLOU – IRA – 430 pts.
6 – Mauro COLLINI – Tommaso RONDININI – ITA – 429 pts.


Japan retained their 2013 title with Iran finishing second and hosts Spain winning their first medal with an impressive showing for bronze.

1 – TAKEISHI Kenji – UEMATSU Koji – JPN – 586 pts.
2 – BARDIGARMROUDI Abdolvahab – ROUHOLLAHZADEH Seyedyashar -IRA- 566 pts.
3 – BLAS Fernando – CHUNG U Chan- SPA- 565 pts.
4 – DE MAERTELEIRE Dirk – INGHELBRECHT Christophe- BEL- 555 pts.
5 – BEGA Stephane – MARQUES Gregory- FRA- 553 pts.
6 – VICENS Miguel Angel – VICENS Antoni- SPA-547 pts.

Japan won their fourth title ahead of Italy while Iran won their third medal of the competition.

1 – MIYAMOTO Hideki – WATANABE Masaki – JPN – 612 pts.
2 – VOLPI Ubaldo – CALDERINI Maurizio – ITA – 595 pts.
3 – NAJAFI Mohammadhassan – KARIMINASER Alireza – IRI- 581 pts.
4 – GONCALVES Pedro – MOREIRA Paulo – POR – 576 pts.
5 -ENGELEN Yves – TERWINGHE Didier- BEL- 573 pts.
6 – DOTTA Marco – DURIGON Marco – ITA- 542 pts.