Steven Seagal for Governor?

Lilly Lazare-Greene / January 14, 2014 - 8:53pm

Would I vote Steven Seagal for governor? Hell yes I would.

It seems that the next step of greatness is politics. Once you’ve conquered the big screen, won several world championships or become an icon, why not try and change the world, in real life. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to America with $100 dollars in his pocket, pectorals the size of my head and a dream of becoming great. Not only did he become an icon in the bodybuilding world, he became an action star and then, of course, a politician. Since then, the “Kindergarten Cop” star has gone back to say a few more lame one liners and blast away just a few more villains on the big screen. Thank God, because I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t see “The Terminator” in action one more time. WBO boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has dabbled in the world of show business and has also become a congressman in the Philippines. Former professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura became the governor of Minnesota, and of course who could forget the 40th president of the United States Ronald Reagan, not a combat sports athlete, but started out in show business and ended up in politics, as the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Not too shabby Ronnie.

The reason why people can relate to stars of sport and screen as political figures, is because we feel as if we already know them. We’ve seen them time and time again in our living rooms entertaining us, where on the other hand, with any other politician we never really see them and when we do they’re pretty boring and not defeating the bad guys with a huge machine gun or some nifty martial arts. They seem real to us, even though they’re playing fictional characters and robots. Whereas the real people, the actual politicians, are the ones who seem fake and untrustworthy because they didn’t save a nation single handedly covered in blood, dirt and motor oil. Strange, but true.

Steven Seagal would make a great politician. He’s done it all. He’s so calm and cool. So Zen. It only seems natural that he would represent one of the 52 United States of America. His peaceful demeanour would rub off on others and the world would finally be at peace. However it seems even more natural that the “Under Siege” star would retire to a mountain top somewhere in Tibet and wait for the lost souls of the world to climb a million steps to ask him the meaning of life. But I guess in the mean time the “Marked For Death” actor is right at home cleaning up the streets of Louisiana where Seagal is a fully commissioned deputy for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office giving criminals in New Orleans the thrill of being arrested by the one man who is “Above The Law.”