GFW’s Rosemary Injured at TripleMania Following In-Ring Incident


During a four-way match for the Reina de Reinas championship on Saturday’s TripleMania XXV card, Rosemary is believed to have suffered a legitimate injury following an armbar from Sexy Star.

The incident occurred as Sexy Star applied the armbar, Rosemary tapped out with the referee waving to signal the end and Sexy Star kept the submission applied and torqueing on the arm for an additional 11 seconds. reported on the injury and stated that Rosemary was not seriously injured and Vampiro brought Sexy Star to apologize backstage to Rosemary.

Everyone is of the belief this was a legitimate incident, although with AAA and Global Force Wrestling working together, it could always be worked into a future angle and would hardly be the first time something legitimate was turned into a storyline.

Many wrestlers were very public with their disgust over Sexy Star’s actions with Smash Wrestling promoter Sebastian Suave adding that he would never do business with Sexy Star in the future.

The match was a four-way and also involved former TNA wrestler Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani.