Full Recap from 2013 Kata World Championships in Japan

The Kata World Championships entered another dimension during the fifth edition. For the first time in history, the competition was held outside of Europe, and for the first time it came back to the mother land of judo.

Karate Not Shortlisted for IOC Candidates for 2020 Olympics

The Karate Family feels very proud of its extraordinary evolution in the last few years as it has been stated before the IOC Executive Board in the presentation that the World Karate Federation has performed on the 29th of May in S. Petersburg.

Unfortunately, the IOC has decided not to include Karate in the shortlist of sports candidates that will travel to Buenos Aires in September for the final decision of the IOC Session.

Karate Stars Show Support for Olympic Goal in 2020

All Karate Stars worldwide support the Olympic aspiration of the WKF (World Karate Federation). To the campaign “The K is on the way” – which is being massively followed and supported by all the Karate Family – now it has been added the new motto YES, I’M K” that confirms and multiplies the passion for Karate becoming an Olympic Sport in 2020.

The “K” and “YES, I’M K” have received the support of all the continental and world champions. Supports from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Oceania have been received and it has been especially significant the one from the Kumite French Male Team, current World Champion and brilliant European Senior Champions after its amazing victory in the recent Budapest European Championships.

WKF Launches ‘Karate School’ App for Android, iPhone

KARATE SCHOOL is an initiative of the World Karate Federation that brings the sport of Karate closer to all the supporters, especially, to the younger supporters who have mobile devices with Android system or iPhone.

It is a funny game, totally free, in which the users turn into referees during the 2012 Paris World Championships. In this way, playing the game, they get familiar with the Karate rules and participate in the competition through a very simple and enjoyable way.

European Karate Championships Days Away in Hungary

The WKF (World Karate Federation) campaign continues developing in order to reach its goal of BECOMING OLYMPIC SPORT in 2020, and has a very important appointment in Budapest (Hungary) in these days, where the European Senior Championships take place.

The “K” and “YES, I’M K”, the symbols of the Karate Family’s passion, will be offered to the world by most of the current world champions, male and female categories. Besides, they will do that two weeks ahead the important meeting it will be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia). In this meeting, the IOC will decide on the 29th May the sports that will be shortlisted for the final decision by the IOC Session in Buenos Aires (Argentina) next September on the Olympic Program.

Karate – A Leader Sport in the Surveys

The renowned ESPN TV Station, through their website, has asked their spectators which sport should enter the 2020 Olympic Program for 2020. After almost 6 million votes received, Karate appears to be the outstanding leader with more than 67% support.

During the last 2012 Olympic Games in London, a prestigious consultant company carried out a very interesting survey which reached a very important conclusion, too. People in the Olympic Park were asked if Karate was an Olympic Sport. 68,3% of them responded YES and got totally surprised when later on they knew that Karate was not yet an Olympic sport. The technical features of the survey are a confidence level 95,5% with a 3,7% margin of error.

Karate 1 Premier League Tourney Takes Place in Russia

The international tournament “Karate1. Premier League” took place in Tyumen, Russia, on April 13-14. 234 athletes from 26 countries participated in the event.

The fights were held in 14 categories. Evgeny Alyokhin (Russia, weight class under 60 kg), Mikhail Davydov (Russia, over 84 kg), Elena Ponomaryova (Russia, under 50 kg), Olga Malofeeva (Russia, under 61 kg), Alisa Buchinger (Austria, under 68 kg), Masa Martinovich (Croatia, over 68 kg) won gold medals in the Individual Kumite. Rafael Aghayev (Azerbaijan), the repeated champion of World and Europe competitions, beat Ukranian karateka Stanislav Horuna in the finals in the weight class under 75 kg. The crowd-puller Michail Georgios Tzanos won the gold medal in the weight class under 84 kg leaving behind him the Egyptian athlete Keshta Hany Shaker. Azerbaijan Rafiz Khasanov took the first place among the athletes in the weight class under 67 kg meeting in the finals with Hanafy Magdy from Egypt. Attiya Yassmin, Egypt, won over Jenny Warling, Luxemburg, in the individual kumite in the weight class under 55 kg.

Russia Supports Inclusion of Karate Into Olympics

Russia is preparing for the international tournament Karate 1 Premiere League, which will take place in the Siberian city of Tyumen on April 13-14. Local artists Olga Protazanova and Yekaterina Syachina decorated the hosting sport complex with a 24-meter graffito.

Support for Karate from Japanese, Spanish, Turkish Teams

Due to the celebration of the 31st “Villa de Madrid” International Karate Tournament, the national teams of Spain, Japan and Turkey showed their support to the candidature of 2020 OLYMPIC KARATE.

The WKF President, Antonio Espinós, offered up the “K” that symbolizes the dream on being in the Olympic Programme. This is the aim of the Karate Family and for this reason it has been working since long time ago all over the world.

Karate & Candidate Cities

Karate and the WKF have gained considerably from presenting championships in locations that are candidate hosts of the 2020 Olympic Games.

Turkey has just presented the 40th European Junior and Cadet Championships and has proven how perfectly capable it is of hosting European and World Karate events, particularly in stunning, historical Istanbul. Crowded venues and massive organizational success are indicators that the Turks are ready to show how deeply karate has become embedded into their sport culture.

World Karate Federation Ups HD Production in 2013

The WKF TV production is formed by well known professionals with a long experience in the world audiovisual domain. Their work is developed under the principles of accuracy and respect for the sport essence as well as the show vocation that Karate guarantees.

The own WKF HD production adds the most advanced technologies so that everything during the Competition can be easily followed up and understood.

WKF’s ‘K is On the Way’ Campaign Takes Place in Russia

The mass event From WKF, with the main symbol of the international project The K is on the way in support of the inclusion of karate into the Olympics 2020, took place in Russia on March 26. The letter K arrived from the heart of the World Karate Federation (WKF), Madrid, in the Siberian city of Tyumen, in the run-up to the international tournament Karate 1 Premiere League. The tournament will be held there on April 13-14.

Karate and Youth: The K is On the Way

Among over 100 million karate practitioners all over the world, 65% are under 14 years of age. This strength in the numbers of participating youth bodes well for the long-term continuation of Karate.

Karate has rapidly evolved from its early 20th Century roots based in a philosophical, Zen-infused, military art developed as a last resort for personal survival during ancient warfare, into a 21st Century, contemporary, safe and increasingly attractive sport for all. Consistent review and updating of competition rules with simplified, cohesive refereeing criteria have rendered karate competition easier to follow and understand. This, together with the unique ability of Karate to transcend all types of barriers to participation has conspired to attract interest in Karate, especially among youth.

World Karate Federation a Hit on YouTube

On the 14th of March, the Official WKF Channel has hot visits, split up as follows: 80.5% male visits and 19.5% female visits.

We are facing an amazing media phenomenom that helps to motivate the Karate all over the world and specially, among the young people how is so familiar with the new technologies.

Karate Will Be Present in European Games in 2015

Antonio Espinós, President of the Worldwide Federation and also maximum responsible of the European Karate, has been one of the signatories of the Letter of Intent in Rome last November. In the mentioned Letter, the European Karate Federation has shown its firm support to those European Games that will be held its First Edition in Bakú (Azerbaijan) in 2015.

Karate wil be one of the two no olympic sports that will take part of this multisport date at maximum level. These two federations as well as another 15 more, in this case olympic federations, will settle an old doubt that the Old Continent had in reference to the Regional Games – as the Panamerican Games of the Mediterranean Games – and now, there will be the correspondent Games organized by the European Olympic Committees with the support of the International Olympic Committee.

The Unstoppable Karate Evolution

Karate is the combat sport most recognised and practiced all over the world. The most reliable statistics place the number of athletes up to 100 millions and besides, they are distributed in all countries over the world.

The last World Championship – which were held in Paris – confirms this strength and universality in terms of numbers that talk about an unstoppable evolution of this sport with traditional values but also an innovative sport that it is a pure spectacle.

World Karate Federation Approves Use of Hijab

The WORLD KARATE FEDERATION has been always sensitive to the diversity of the whole Karate family across the five continents. The decision adopted by the Executive Committee of the WKF to accept that the Muslim female athletes may wear the Hijab in competition, that has entered in force 1st of January 2013, has to be seen in the framework of a policy based not only in the deep roots of tradition but also in the continuous innovation.

Official Presentation of WKF to Program Commission IOC

The World Karate Federation has presented to the IOC Program Commission, his Olympic Sport Candidature, in Lausanne (Switzerland), this morning.

All the team from WKF has been very happy and confident in order to get the goal (OLYMPIC KARATE 2020) after the event. The job has been excellent, and everybody is sure that the message with the values, tradition and innovation of KARATE is received by the IOC.

Q&A with World Karate Federation President Mr. Espinos

How do you evaluate the organization of World Cup in Paris? What was the level of athletes?

It has been great. Another strong sign that the WKF and Karate are ready for the Olympic challenge. The level of the athletes has also been outstanding. We have seen in Paris the best Karate one can see today on earth.

Day 5 of World Karate Federation Championships 2012

France with 5 world champions in individual category and with two team titles in KUMITÉ both male and female has been the great winner of this 21st Edition of the World Karate Championships that has been taking place from last Wednesday up today when it has been enjoying the most exciting day.

Day 4 of World Karate Federation Championships 2012

The tatami of this 21st Edition of the World Karate Championships is pronouncing the first World Champions. This Saturday, Paris Bercy was crowed – 16.000 people – and a total number of 12 golden medals have been awarding in order to ascend the throne and to reward the excellence in this sport and in each category.

Day 3 of World Karate Federation Championships 2012

The 3rd day of competition in the Worldwide Karate Championships has been fascinating, first for the playing of the qualifying rounds by teams in KUMITE, male and female and then by the brilliant Opening Ceremony of this Championships that has been the perfect final for this great day of Karate and emotions.

Day 2 of World Karate Federation Championships 2012

The 21st Edition of the Worldwide Karate Championships goes on covering stages and filling in the final charts for all categories. The fact that they have broken the record of participants both countries and karatekas is helping to get a very high level on the tatami. The favourites, the stars of the karate, are going to measure face to face in the fight for the golden medal with a lot of quality and equality.

Historic World Karate Championships 2012 Kicks Off

“The Karate is universal and enjoys a great establishment in the five continents – athletes and supporters – and with no doubt, it is the combat sport with the highest tradition of those that exist”. In that way, Mr. Antonio Espinós, the Spanish President of the Worldwide Karate Federation (WFK), expresed himself during the press conference that was held at Paris Bercy due to the starting of this 21st Worldwide Karate Championships.

Canadian Karate Gets A New Home

The greater Vancouver area is about to become a hotbed for karate in Canada. Earlier this week, Karate Canada, the sport’s governing body here in the great frozen north, announced that the Richmond Olympic Oval will become its new home starting in 2014. The announcement marks the first time that Karate Canada has ever had a singular, centralized base of operations for major tournaments. In previous years, they had been spread out across the nation.

Originally built for Olympic speed skating, the oval has now been retrofitted to serve as a multi-purpose athletic facility. Karate Canada plans on utilizing the massive venue to host six major events over a four-year span, with an eye at more events to come in the long term. Richmond will enjoy the 2014 and 2017 North American Cups, along with the annual National Championships, where our national team is decided.

The deal will not only provide the program with a place to call home, but it represents a much-needed sign of growth and investment in the sport nationally. Young karate competitors now have a Mecca to revere, a major proving ground to call their own. The venue can become a signature of competitive karate, creating a recognizable brand for the sport both domestically and internationally. The more appealing the event, the more kids sign up for karate, the more fighters who are ultimately developed down the road through the national program.

Japan Sweeps World Kata Championships

This past summer at the London Olympics, some eyebrows were raised when Japan failed to win the overall gold medal count in judo for the first time since 1988. Well, for anyone who wondered if Japanese martial arts had taken a step backwards, think again. While their combat judo counterparts may have faltered ever so slightly, Japanese kata competitors showed that they still have a stranglehold on the international scene.

This past weekend the Japanese team was flawless at the World Kata Championships in Porgeone, Italy, winning every single category in the competition. While the skill level on the international scene, particularly from countries such as Russia is on the rise, Japan’s kata competitors have maintained dominance. In fact, the only time they’ve not won a gold medal in a World Kata Championship event is when they haven’t entered anybody. That’s a scary proposition for the rest of the world.

World Karate Federation and Peace & Sport

The 3rd edition of the « Great lakes friendship games », took place last weekend (July 7-8) in Gihanga, Burundi bringing together Rwanda, DRC and Burundi around the values of sport.

Thanks to P&S-WKF cooperation, Karate was represented between other 9 sports and some karateguis you gave us were given to the Burundi National Federation, which was present at the event and to the centers in which we work.

WKF in Quebec SportAccord Convention

The World Karate Federation presence in Quebec SportAccord Convention last May 19 to 25, was very successful in every aspect. The campaign “the K is on the way” in order for karate to be included in the 2020 Olympics, was officially presented to the international sports community.

The WKF stand had a great resonance during the SportAccord Exhibition as many IOC members and members of the IOC Executive Committee visited our stand, discussed and were photographed with the president of the World Karate Federation Mr. Antonio Espinos. Moreover, a team of the Canadian Karate Federation had an excellent karate demonstration in the context of the Demo Sport Zone during the exhibition.

WKF President Antonio Espinos Interview in ATR

(ATR) “With all respect to the others,” Antonio Espinos tells Around the Rings, “if there is a combat sport in the Games, it should be karate.

In this wide-ranging Tuesday Talk conducted during SportAccord, the president of the World Karate Federation explains why.

World Karate Federation Introducing ADAMS

World Karate Federation (WKF) has successfully completed the implementation of the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS). ADAMS has been introduced by most Anti Doping Organizations and all WADA accredited anti-doping laboratories. Anti-doping is a very crucial issue and WKF strongly believes that this web-based database management system will promote efficiency, transparency and effectiveness in all anti-doping activities. WKF always enhances its efforts towards a doping-free sporting environment.